Bluewater expansion

By   May 5, 2017
Bluewater has been given the go-ahead to expand its West Village area and make alterations to other parts of the shopping centre, set to create 2,300 jobs. The shopping centre has also promised to make payments to town centres that could lose customers due to the expansions.
Dartford council’s development control board voted unanimously in favour of granting outline planning permission for the improvements, without even debating the issue.
Applicants Blueco Ltd and Bluewater Outer Area Ltd will need to submit a full planning application before work can start but they intend to make changes to the area known as the town square, close to Pizza Express, and a nearby car park as well as move the coach park.
A two-storey extension could be added onto the West Village, which would extend into the area currently occupied by one of the lakes.
The lake would then be “re-configured”, according to documents submitted to the board. A nursery near the lake will be demolished and rebuilt elsewhere within the shopping centre.
For the full article go to Kent Online.
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