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By   June 24, 2017

In April of this year we posted on the Gravesham Borough Council Cabinet meeting where options were reviewed for theatre services at the Woodville. The options considered included the “Cease” option which would close all theatre, cinema, bar and cafe activities.

Following up on this story we find further discussion on the topic in the Minutes from the Council meeting of June 12th. [You can find them here.] In section 105, titled “Service Review Team Options for; Planning and Regeneration, Customer and Theatre and DSO”, the following is listed with regards to the Woodville Centre:

Customer & Theatre Services

1. Move more internal services into the contact centre. It is anticipated that this will enable the council to reduce the establishment as digital contacts increase and call volumes decline, and will also allow for greater efficiencies in the delivery of the service in the interim. There should also be consideration of the use of an intelligent IVR telephone system to support the work of the department moving forward.

2. Carry out a review to restructure and potentially reduce the current offer from The Woodville, in line with a renewed strategic direction for the Woodville. This will enable the council to continue to offer the breadth of activities currently in place, retain control of the venue and operations, retain artistic control of the programme offered, whilst delivering an overall saving.

To support the proposals set out above, Cabinet approved the strategy for The Woodville 2017-2022. It is anticipated that the changes to the council’s Customer & Theatre Services functions will see the council deliver annual budget savings of £49,920 in Customer Services and £61,000 in the Woodville Halls.

Although there may be some reduced offerings at the Woodville the Green Party are pleased to read the following:

Cllr Garside clarified that despite rumours there are no plans to close the Woodville. Discussions are currently taking place on plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodville which is next year.


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