Small is Beautiful but Big Matters Too

By   June 20, 2016


The only revolution, if we leave Europe, would be an uprising against a raft of EU environmental and social legislation, under the guise of ‘reducing red tape’. This would leave workers, our important nature habitats and the health of our citizens in far worse shape than is currently the case within the EU warns Green MEP Molly Scott Cato.

If Greens truly believe that ‘small is beautiful’, why are more than 90% of the party’s members and nearly 100% of their councillors voting to Remain in the EU?

Polls have shown Green voters are second only to Guardian readers in taking a positive stand on Europe.

To the tiny minority of Greens who are critical of my clear decision that we are “Greener In” I would quote Keynes: ‘When the facts change, I change my mind’. This is what I, along with the overwhelming majority of Green Party members, have done. We have not changed our principles but have responded to a changing world.

So what has persuaded me to take my own personal journey from euroscepticism to playing an active role in Europe as an MEP?…

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