Message from Natalie Bennett

By   June 2, 2015

Dear Members,

In 2010 the party stood in under 50% of seats and secured more than 5% of the vote in just 22 constituencies.  This year we stood in 93% of parliamentary seats and achieved 5% or more in 124 constituencies.  We have now returned Caroline with a much larger majority, we have quadrupled our national vote share, won 2nd places in four constituencies and secured more 3rd places than ever before. We have also increased our number of councillors in a general election year – another milestone!  This has been, by any measure, the most successful election campaign in our history and provides solid foundations for us to build on in the future!

We are conducting an analysis of the election results by collecting reports from local parties to expand our knowledge even further, especially in areas where the Green Party had surprise wins.  The executive is investing in digital resources and training events to help support local party development.  We are having continued press attention and are working on our policies through the democratic process which has already begun.

I am excited about our potential.  So many voters finally realised that the Green Party is a serious contender. With the right input from all our members and supporters we can go even further.  If you are able to bring your skills to your local party by attending meetings, contribute to discussions about policy or in get involved in any other way, it will all help as we continue to build a united and vibrant party.

Despite the gruelling election – we continue to campaign. Now more than ever there is much work to be done.  The UN meeting on climate change is this winter. We will be coordinating with other European Green Parties to put our message across.  We will continue to fight against austerity so we can build a sustainable future for us all – please think about attending the anti-austerity march on the 20th June, see more details here and sign up here.


Natalie Bennett
Green Party of England and Wales

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