Keep the Woodville!

By   April 10, 2017


The Gravesham Borough Council Cabinet meeting of the 27th March 2017 reviewed options for theatre services at the Woodville. The options considered included the “Cease” option which would close all theatre, cinema, bar and cafe activities.

The Gravesham Green Party believe that the Woodville is a central cornerstone to Gravesend’s community and cultural life and the Cease option should be rejected immediately. The Cabinet themselves indicate that this option means the end to the artistic programme, the cinema and cafe facilities at the Civic Centre. Gravesend needs a place to focus its cultural activities and the Civic Centre is their natural home.

The cabinet meeting minutes state that no public consultation is required for a decision to be made on this issue. It is unacceptable that such a change to Gravesend’s cultural life be taken without the public having their say. This appears to be an underhanded way to futher slash public services and decimate the community feeling within Gravesend.

Only recently the clock tower and town hall have been renovated and the Pocahontas story celebrates its 400th year. Now is not the time to shut down the cultural activities held at the Woodville. The Gravesham Green Party call on local councilors to show leadership on this issue and reject the Cease option and open up any debate on the issue to the public.

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