Join me tomorrow to Unite For Europe

By   March 24, 2017


Tomorrow (Saturday 25th March 2017) I will join tens of thousands to march on Parliament, to oppose this Government’s extreme Brexit and to unite for Europe.

Will you join me?

There are loads of reasons for thinking Brexit is a bad idea: tax, trade, the single market.

And all of this is so important. But I’m afraid we’re already forgetting about people.

I’m talking about our friends, and family, and colleagues, and neighbours and lovers. I’m talking about the millions of people from across Europe who have come here to contribute to our society and build their lives.

The way these people are being treated is unacceptable!

I’m watching so-called progressives giving in to populism, and seeing the Government using EU nationals as nothing more than bargaining chips.

It has to stop. I know that Britain can be better than this, and that millions of us still share a positive vision which we were proud to celebrate during the EU referendum campaign. And we will stick up for one another, as citizens of the world.

When we unite as Europe, we unite as people, and that’s why I want you to Join me tomorrow.


Jonathan Bartley
Co-leader of the Green Party

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