Greens call for ‘Wilson Doctrine’ to be extended to MSPs, MEPs and AMs

By   July 28, 2015

“People’s privacy is just as sacred now, in the age of the internet, as it was in 1966. It’s time that the Government stopped attempting to undermine our parliamentary democracy and instead gave people the right to communicate freely with us without fear of being monitored.”

Baroness Jenny Jones and Caroline have called for the protection of parliamentarians’ communications to be extended to the Scottish Parliament, European Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

In a letter in today’s Telegraph the two Green politicians, who are facing the Government in court over an alleged breach of the Wilson Doctrine, are urging for the Government to renew its commitment to the policy which protects those who contact parliamentarians from being subjected to blanket surveillance.

The letter follows a court hearing last week in which the Government’s lawyers argued that the Wilson Doctrine is no longer viable in the era of mass interception – a claim dismissed by Jones and Lucas. The Government lawyers also argued that the ruling doesn’t apply to MEPs, AMs and MSPs.

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