Nobody voted for Tax Haven Britain

By   March 29, 2017


Theresa May’s just triggered Article 50, formally notifying our European partners that we’re leaving the EU. Firing the starting gun has also kicked off what’s going to be an incredibly difficult negotiation. Unfortunately, the PM’s making no attempt to heal the divisions, she isn’t taking the whole country with her, and she has no interest in what most people in the country think.
Deciding our future outside the EU must be a process that involves everybody. We demand that the government consult fully with NGOs, businesses, and all those affected by Brexit.
Voters definitely didn’t want Brexit to turn the UK into a tax haven. However, the government’s response to a hard Brexit could be to lower corporate tax rates. This is a shocking gamble. Reducing tax revenue will hit the poorest hardest and deepen the crisis in our already underfunded NHS. Public opinion is also firmly against this: 60% of people in a recent poll said corporations should pay more tax.

Ensuring we have a fair tax system isn’t just a moral question, it goes right to the heart of what it means to be a just and equitable society, and it’s necessary to fund our increasingly stretched NHS.
I’ve launched a petition insisting corporations pay their fair share of tax. Please sign and share it. Let’s make it clear that the government has no mandate to turn the UK into a tax haven.

Molly Scott Cato

MEP for South West England and Gibraltar
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