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Punishing Gravesend’s poorest: Liberty urges Gravesham Borough Council to ditch unjustified PSPO plans

Order could see people fined up to £1,000 for rough sleeping or begging The Dartford and Gravesham Greens support Liberty’s campaign in urging the Gravesham Borough Council to abandon plans that would penalise the poorest and most vulnerable people in Gravesend. A consultation into the Council’s proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) closed on Sunday, 15… Continue reading »

EU drops proposed law to tackle illegal trade in wildlife and toxic waste

The EU has quietly dropped plans for stronger environmental inspections to tackle illegal trade in wildlife and toxic waste across Europe, the Guardian has learned. Senior levels of the European commission feared opposition from the UK to the proposed law on cost and red tape grounds, sources told the Guardian. The environmental inspections directive, seen by… Continue reading »

Rebalancing society

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett explains why equality and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. The Green Party has always regarded social and environmental justice as indivisible. To quote the opening words of the party’s philosophical basis: ‘We believe that: A system based on inequality and exploitation is threatening the future of the planet on… Continue reading »

Far Right march against refugees in Dover – support the Anti-Racism march on 17th October

Recently 300 Nazis marched through Dover chanting “Fuck off refugees”. The National Front had a banner on the march, as did Combat 18 and other far right groups. Although there was an antifascist counter-demo, there were only about 200 demonstrators. The Nazi demo was on the same day as the pro-refugee demo in London and, understandably, many… Continue reading »