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Open Letter from Green KCC Councillor to KCC Superannuation Fund on divestment from fossil fuels

Dear Superannuation Fund committee member, There has been, quite rightly, a lot of interest and correspondence of late about divestment related to coal, oil and gas. I am writing to put the case firmly for what is now becoming a mainstream movement away from this sector and ask that the superannuation fund agrees to look… Continue reading »

Keep Feed-In-Tariffs campaign

Right now, the Conservative Government is planning disastrous cuts to Feed-In Tariffs (FiTs) – subsidies for small-scale renewable energy. Ministers want to slash support for roof-top solar panels by 87%, whilst subsidising fracking and nuclear energy. We need your help to stop them! If we are serious about tackling climate change, we should be investing… Continue reading »

UN verdict on UK climate change policy shows it’s time for immediate U-turn

Chief environmental scientist: UK renewables subsidies withdrawn while fossil fuel industry enhanced The UK government cannot continue with its current energy policies, according to the Green Party, after the government’s approach was given a damning verdict by the UN’s chief scientist.  Professor Jacquie McGlade was concerned to “see [renewables] subsidies being withdrawn and the fossil fuel… Continue reading »

Planned cuts to Feed-in Tariffs are a further short-sighted attack on renewables industry

Responding to the government’s consultation (1) on the review of the Feed-in Tariffs scheme, Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South-West, has slammed the government over its policies on renewable energy. Dr Scott Cato, the Green Party’s Finance Spokesperson, said planned cuts to feed-in tariffs are part of a wider attack on the renewables sector, which… Continue reading »

Edenbridge woman launches petition amid fracking fears

A petition has been launched by campaigners demanding county hall bosses begin a full and open consultation into fracking in Kent. Sue Rule, from Edenbridge, has started the petition about the possibility of fracking coming to her home county, as she was concerned about the impact the controversial techonology could have. Kent County Council (KCC) is… Continue reading »

Lack of support for renewables ‘ludicrous’ say Greens

Green Party energy spokesperson Cllr Andrew Cooper has condemned the huge cuts the government has proposed to the feed-in tariff for solar energy. Under plans put forward by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the amount paid to homeowners producing electricity from roof-top solar panels will fall dramatically, from the current level of 12.92p to just… Continue reading »