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NATO in Europe

In a week which marked Europe Day, an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe, we saw some lively exchanges over whether it is NATO or the EU which has kept the peace in Europe. NATO is a military alliance which works on the premise that to ensure peace you have to prepare for… Continue reading »

Take action on new surveillance bill

The Home Secretary Theresa May announced a new surveillance law last week. The draft Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) brings more legal transparency but could actually increase mass surveillance in this country. Immediately after the Home Secretary announced her Bill, Andy Burnham – her opposite number in the Labour party –  spoke positively about the Bill. He welcomed the… Continue reading »

Why aren’t more MPs standing up to this deeply concerning legislation?

Caroline Lucas, Green Party, has raised her concerns about what she calls the ‘cosy consensus on spying’ among politicians in Westminster. She is raising her concerns after the Government published the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, which has has labelled ‘deeply concerning’. She said:  “The cosy consensus on surveillance that appears to have taken hold in… Continue reading »

Help shape Britain’s surveillance laws now

Cross-post from Liberty There has definitely been no Government climbdown on surveillance. The draft Investigatory Powers Bill, announced today, constitutes an astonishing assault on all of our internet security. Some highlights: communication service providers will be required to store details of every website we visit for a year (haven’t we been here before?); provisions for… Continue reading »

Surveillance Offensive

News from Open Rights Group: You might have worked out from the Government’s PR offensive that a new surveillance bill is imminent. [1] The draft Investigatory Powers Bill is expected to be published this week. We actually want a new law because our existing laws are failing to protect our privacy. The Independent Reviewer of… Continue reading »